Toni Purvis, a Career & Confidence Coach, Executive Presence Coach, and Etiquette Consultant, is on a mission to help diverse young professionals reach their highest potential – and achieve it.

She is the Founder & Owner of Paradigm One LLC, a consulting firm that teaches diverse young professionals the essential etiquette and soft skills to help them fast-track their career through powerful personal presence and positive relationships. She founded the company on the belief that it is about making a “paradigm shift” to confidently see yourself as the “one” for your perfect opportunity.

This is why she created The Career Confidence Incub8tor to help and guide diverse young professionals toward positive change, and upward growth in their careers to be more confident, empowered, visible, and highly-respected versions of themselves.

Scroll down to see the sales page and other assets I created for her program!

Before working with me, Toni was completely confused and overwhelmed trying to figure out if she was going to try to design her Sales Page on her own or not. During our work together, she realized that it is worth every penny to invest in having a professional take care of her Sales Page for her and that it is truly an investment!

See what Toni had to say about working with me:

Working with Maria was A DREAM! It is hard to find someone that is the full package – she is quick, reasonable, attentive, skilled, responsive, and can interpret and anticipate needs before you even know you have them. By working with Maria, I was able to focus on leading my business instead of taking an immeasurable amount of hours trying to figure out how to build and design my sales page and funnel myself. It was great to hand this to her and know that my project was in the care of a remarkable professional and outstanding designer. I will definitely work with her again and recommend her in a heartbeat!

It’s my pride and joy to support Coaches like Toni! I love that she is very passionate about helping young leaders navigate their work environment, polish their brand, shape their professional image, and own their narrative.

If you are a diverse young professional, who wants to improve their self-awareness and social intelligence, Toni’s workshops and coaching offer practical strategies for networking effectively and building relationships authentically.

Are you planning to launch an online course or program? I specialize in building sales pages and funnels for Online Coaches, Consultants, and Course Creators.

Learn more about my services, how I can help, and what it looks like to work with me by downloading my service guide!

Polished & Professional Sales Page for The Career Confidence Incub8tor

February 26, 2022

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