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"I'm so happy and very grateful to have Maria on my team, because I can fully trust her and feel so relieved that I don't have to figure things out by myself anymore. Her tech, design and communication skills make her the perfect one-stop solution for funnel building and management!"

— Andrea Deierlein, Reiki Practitioner

Maria is A TRUE DIAMOND, she's detail-oriented, creative, multi-faceted, and talented in a MYRIAD of TECHNICAL and DESIGN skills.

"I get a ton of compliments on my sales pages, and Maria is the badass designer behind my scenes. Like lots of people, I’ve been secretly hiding her for all this time because I took forever to find a great designer - her work really needs to be shared and seen. Go get Maria if you need design help and have clients who do!"

— LaToya Russell, Online Business Manager & Automation Coach

Maria has been EXTREMELY RELIABLE and brings to life all of my visions for myself and my clients!

"She always completes everything on time, and comes up with creative new design ideas! She is someone you will not regret working with. I would definitely hire Maria for anything design or funnel related because she knows what she is doing. She deserves all the hype and I can see her grow so much over the next years. I wish more designers are as passionate and talented as much as Maria!"

— Kimiko Cacioppo, Business Coach & Brand Strategist

Maria is a wonderful designer and is ALWAYS ON TOP OF HER GAME! She has helped me GROW MY BUSINESS even more.

Working with Maria was a total joy! I was struggling to find someone I trusted to design a sales page and funnel for me until I found Maria. After seeing the design she created, I immediately knew it was something I was happy to have. Don't hesitate to work with Maria! She knows what she's doing, she's very good at communication, and she gets the work done in a timely manner. I'm beyond satisfied!"

— Melissa Sasser, Pinterest Manager

I was able to hand over the ENTIRE FUNNEL BUILDING PROCESS from start to finish with NO WORRIES at all!

"She has great communication skills, always delivers all work on time and the quality is beyond my expectations. Maria’s creativity and dedication makes her the ideal Funnel Builder and Designer for your business. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her if you are looking for outstanding creative and technical support."

— Elva Li

Maria is a BRILLIANT DESIGNER and her creativity goes well beyond any bounds I have ever seen

"She is the BEST person I've ever hired (and I've had quite a few over the years). She can take any amount of direction and create exactly what you had in mind - she's a magical wizardress and is PHENOMENAL at what she does. I'm so happy to have found her!  Highly recommended!"

— Kate Matheson, Sales and Marketing Expert for Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs

Maria is RESOURCEFUL, has a HIGH QUALITY OF WORK and can basically READ YOUR MIND.”

"She exceeded all of my expectations! She used her initiative, had helpful suggestions and was incredibly valuable.

I would recommend Maria to anyone needing ongoing or one off creative and technical support!"

— Kaity Griffin, Google Ads Expert

Maria was SWITCHED ON and AMAZING to work with!”

"She is fully capable of creating on-brand designs. She understood my brand vibe and was able to recreate that for all my brand assets. I really enjoyed working with Maria because she is great at just taking your ideas, getting on, and doing it. She is diligent, fast, and takes on projects with gusto! I have no qualms about recommending her!"

— Jo Ebisujima, Montessori and Homeschooling Expert 

Maria has a GREAT EYE for DETAIL!"